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The County Treasurers is an elected official responsible for receipting, disbursing and investing all funds for the county. Treasurers are also responsible for balancing, reconciling and ensuring that monies are correctly accounted for in seprate funds as required by Missouri law.

The Treasurer is also the investment officer of the county and is responsible for investing the county's tax dollars in a safe insured financial institutions. The county uses the bid process for all investments with primary objectives of saftey, liquidity and yield. All monies are collateralized in accordance with state law. Monthly settlements are filed with the County Clerk's office to insure consistent checks and balances and good internal control.

Delinquent tax sale surplus money List


This information is provided to the Treasurer by the Jasper County Collector, Stephen H Holt. It is a complete list of all properties sold. This list will NOT be updated as surplus monies are paid out. It will be updated after the tax sale on the 4th Monday of every August.

Contact the Jasper County Treasurer: If you need information on the surplus money.

Contact the Jasper County Collector: If you need information on redeeming the property.

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(Click Here to View the 2017 List PDF)

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