Checklist for Recording a Plat

Must have a Recorder Certificate

1. Plat and copies must be legible and all print must be at least 8 pt type.

2. The dedication must be signed by the owners of the property and their signatures notarized. Copies should not be made until all signatures and seals are acquired. All signatures must have their corresponding names typed or legibly printed under their signatures.  

3. If the property is not in the city limits of any city, it must be approved by the Jasper County Commissioners and contain at least two commissioner's signatures. 

4. If the plat is in the city limits of a city, it must be approved and accepted by the city council with its appropriate signatures and seal of the city affixed. (RSMo 445.030).  

5. The original signature and embossed seal of the surveyor must appear on the plat. (RSMo 327.361)  

6. A paper original and five (3) paper copies must be prepared and presented to the Recorder's Office. All copies must have all blanks filled in and contain copies of all signatures.  

7. Recording Fees
    8 1/2" X 14"----- $44   $25.00 Each Additional Page
    18" X 24"----- $44   $25.00 Each Additional Page
    24" X 36"----- $69   $50.00 Each Additional Page

If restrictions are to be recorded affecting said plat, a separate document must be completed, signed by the owners and notarized with a full, Missouri acknowledgement. The fee for recording the restrictions will be $24 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page.
8. The plat must have a recorders certificate box on the plat to be filled in by the recording deputy at the time the plat is filed.