Jasper County, Missouri - Soil Lead Testing

Testing Results Data Current as of 8/21/2014 - map updated on 8/26/2014.
1353 Sites in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
489 Sites need or needed remediation in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
864 Sites do not need remediation in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
328 Sites have been approved for remediation (as of 8/18/2013)
147 post-tornado sites have been remediated (as of 7/5/2013)
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Tips on Using the Map

  • To use the address search in the upper right of the map, type in full address, city and state or Zip Code separated by commas
    - 2425 S Connor AVE, Joplin, MO) - not case sensitive
    - 2425 S Connor, Joplin, MO
    - 2425 S Connor, 64804
  • Left-clicking on any point will display the attribute information for that testing site.
  • The latest results added will have a yellow halo around the testing site point. This layer will be udpdated each time a new set of testing sites are added.
    Newest Results Added
  • There is a new layer and symbol for 'Remediation Plan Received'. Just look for the oranage circle. If all data are entered correctly, they will show up under a 'Remediation Needed' diamond on the map.
  • Remediated Sites will be symbolized with a yellow flag over the red diamond. (Site that needed remediation)
    Remediated Site
  • You will notice the info window will have an arrow indicating that there is more than one record to display. Clicking the small arrow will change to the next screen.
    --------- >
    Just click the right arrow to view the information for the next record.
  • To Zoom:
    - Hold Shift key and hold left mouse button to draw a box to zoom into an area.
    - Use the + / - navigation in the upper left
    - Scrolling up or down will zoom in and out.
  • Left-Clicking and dragging in the map will pan.
  • A larger, more functional map can be viewed at the ArcGIS.com link. Open at ArcGIS.com
  • You can change the basemap (to a aerial photography, for example) by clicking on the "Basemap" button at the top of the map window.
    Basemap button
  • View parcel information on Beacon. In the Soil Lead Testing Results identify window, scroll down to see "Parcel Info (Beacon)" Click on the "More info" link to jump to that parcel on the Jasper County Beacon website.

Viewing Elevation

This feature has been removed. It can be restored upon request.

Elevation Profile

This feature has been removed. It can be restored upon request.

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