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Ex parte Frequently Asked Questions

Ex parte - Latin legal term, meaning "from (by or for) one party" *

Below are a few frequently asked questions with generalized answers about Ex partes. For more information you may read Missouri Statute, Chapter 455.

What is an Ex parte?

An ex parte is a temporary order of protection granted to the petitioner to keep another individual away from the petitioner until a hearing can be held.

Who can file for an Ex parte?

Any adult over the age of 17 who has been subject to abuse by a present or former adult family or household member, or who has been the victim of stalking, may seek relief. (A parent or guardian must fill out the paperwork for a child protection order)

Where can I get the paperwork to file and ex parte?

You may pick up the necessary forms to file for an ex parte at:

Carthage Joplin
Jasper County Courthouse
302 South Main ST
Room 304
Carthage, MO  64836
Jasper County Courts Building
601 South Pearl Avenue
Room 300
Joplin, MO  64801

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (except state holidays). Adult orders of protection (ex partes) can be filed after business hours and on weekends at the Jasper County Sheriff's Office located at 405 East 5th ST, Carthage, MO

Forms are also available at our link for Court Forms.

How much does it cost to file and ex parte?

An ex parte has no filing fee.

What is the process for getting and ex parte issued?

Once your paperwork is filled out and turned in to the Circuit Clerk's Office, a Judge will review your request. If your request is approved, you must return to pick up a copy of your order. You would then have to appear for a hearing at a later date.